Terms & Conditions

The use of Loan SA is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

1. Loan SA is not a Credit Provider, an agent of a Credit Provider or a representative of a Credit Provider, we are a division of Computech Credit Services with the registration number 2013/236060/07

2. You give (the applicant/client) us permission to submit your details as per the online application form to various Credit Providers in order to find you a loan. You (the applicant/client) agree that the information you have submitted on this/your application is true and correct

3. Loan SA convenient 4 in 1 package costs R390.00 once and there after R121.00 month which is a perpetual agreement . This means that the agreement will continue for an indefinite period and the applicants/clients account will be debited every month for the amount of R121.00 until the applicant/client terminates the agreement via written email. This also includes a comprehensive credit report,legal assist. This fee we will be deducted directly from your bank account with the bank account details you (the applicant/client) have provided online or telephonic, using Naedos direct debit on your salary date. Please note: This fee has NO association with the loan, the granting of any loan, the amount on an application for a loan or the loan application as a whole

4. All clients receive notification via email of acceptance of our services. Once accepted applicant has 5 days to cancel their application from date of application for Loan SA 4 in 1 service package.

5. In the event of cancellation before contacting a financial institution to apply for the requested finance, we may impose a cancellation fee for the cancellation.

6. Computech Credit Services has a 5 day cooling off period which commences upon completion of this application, should you cancel outside the cooling off period we will charge you with a reasonable cancelation fee as prescribed by the Consumer protection Act of only R390.00 as the services would have already commenced.

7. The fee is only refundable if the loan is not granted due to any circumstances within Loan SA's reasonable control.

8. You (the applicant/client) instruct us to load a debit against your account for the amount of R390.00 once off thereafter R121.00 monthly using the bank provided in your application form, once your application has been sent to the financial institution chosen, if successful or if not successful due to any circumstances beyond Loan SA reasonable control

9. I(The Customer) hereby authorise Loan SA ,Computech Credit Services to issue and deliver payment instructions to the Beneficiary bank for collection against my account at my bank on condition that the sum of such payment instructions will never differ from my/our obligations as agreed to in the Agreement. The individual payment instructions so authorised to be issued must be issued and delivered monthly on the date when the obligation in terms of the Agreement is due and the amount of each individual payment instruction may not differ as agreed to in terms of the Agreement. The payment instructions so authorised to be issued must include an Agreement number. This number must be included in the said payment instruction. This number must enable you to identify the Agreement. I (The Customer)agree that the first payment instruction will be issued and delivered on acceptance of service by Computech Credit Services and thereafter regularly ACCORDING TO THEAGREEMENT, If however, the date of the payment instruction falls on a non-processing day (weekend or public holiday) I agree that the payment instruction may be debited against my account on the following business day. I authorise the originator to make use of the tracking facility as provided for in the EDO /NAEDO system at no additional cost to myself. Subsequent payment instructions will continue to be delivered in terms of this authority until the obligations in terms of the Agreement have been paid. This authority may be cancelled by me/us by giving you 30 calendar days written notice. Loan SA uses a reputable debit order system namely Softycomp , on your bank statement the name CCSCRE followed by your reference number..

10.The 4 in 1 Service package is known as q-assist and legal assist and includes duties in the form of sourcing quotes from various industries and presenting them to you via email as well as a complimentary loan finding service

11. In the event a loan is offered to you by a Service Provider, you are under no obligation to accept same.

12. You understand that paying the fee will ensure that we will do everything reasonable within our power to secure a loan for yourself, but doesn't provide a guarantee that a loan will be granted in your favour.

13. Please be aware that all lenders may conduct a credit check.

14. Please note that q-assist program is mandatory in order to make use of our FREE loan finding service

15. We do not receive any commissions from the lenders .

16. You, acknowledge the risk involved in borrowing money from the chosen Credit Provider and hereby indemnify us against losses you might sustain with regards to the granting of the loan or the loan not being granted by the relevant Credit Provider, due to reasons beyond our reasonable control. This will include any economical loss pertaining to the harm/losses caused.

17. The 4 in 1 Service package is known as q-assist and includes duties in the form of sourcing quotes from various industries and presenting them to you via email as well as a complimentary loan finding service

18. Loan SA 4 in 1 Service Package costs an amount of R390.00 once off thereafter R121.00 a month, there will be a 30 days waiting period to use the legal assist service from the date of the first paid premium.

19. Loan SA does not provide financial advise, you will deal with the financial institutes directly

20. The applicant agrees that they have fully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Loan SA and have voluntarily submitted the application to purchase Loan SA 4 in 1 Service package.

21. We reserve the right to enforce our strict cancellation process. NO refunds will considered if any applicant cancels outside the 7 day cooling off period. If you (the applicant/client) decide to cancel your application for Loan SA convenient 4 in 1 service package, outside of the cooling off period, no refund will apply OR if no payment has been received by Loan SA , you (the applicant/client) shall remain liable for the payment.

22.Should the applicant/client not honour this agreement in any way, Computech Credit Services has the right to take any legal action against the client in order to retrieve the outstanding fee payable to Computech Credit Services. Should Computech Credit Services instruct their Attorneys to collect the fee of R390.00(Three hundred & ninety rands) including the R121.00.0 monthly fee. which includes the debit order costs from the applicant/client, the applicant/client will be held liable for all legal fees incurred, which fees will be on an attorney and applicant/client basis.

23. Loan SA does not sell, trade or otherwise share the information we collect, outside of our company, however, we may from time to time use this information for the purposes of offering or marketing additional services, promotions, including promotions, products and/or services offered by third parties. The communication of these promotions, products or services may be via SMS, Email, Post, Telephonic and not limited hereto. You (the applicant/client) hereby agree to the usage of your personal information by Loan SA, its branches and/or affiliates in this regard

24. These policies form part of your consent when submitting your application for Loan SA service package via our website and by ticking the box, before submitting your online application it shall constitute a digital signature (IP address,date and time of submission) on your binding mandate and agreement for the irrevocable acceptance of the policies Computech Credit Services and yourself and Computech Credit Services .

Loan SA (division of Computech Credit Services) or any of its employees does not give out financial advice. We operate an online and/or telephonic referral service and we forward on all your requests and applications to qualified and registered financial services providers with whom we have pre-arranged agreements. You (the applicant/client) will deal directly with these advisors after Loan SA has submitted your application.

26. Marketing: The Company markets itself by means of local newspaper advertisements and the internet via the company website and not limited to the website, and at no time guarantees that a loan will be granted to the applicant/client. If the applicant/client should make a telephonic application for our 4 in 1 service package, the company telesales marketers are trained to fully explain the product being sold to the public and the prospective applicant/client is asked whether they comprehend or have further questions pertaining to said product. Telemarketing sessions are recorded and the prospective applicant/client is informed thereof prior to the session.

27. Product: The Company sells a perpetual convenient 4 in 1 service package, comprising of a free loans finding service,q-assist ,legal assist,credit report service at a fee of R 390.00 once off and thereafter R121.00 monthly , which also entitles the applicant/client to a complimentary loan finding service, whether such applicant/client requires a personal loan, mortgage bond or study loan etc. The function of applying for a loan through various financial institutions is outsourced to a finance broker who attends to the loan application process. Loans are obtained from financial institutions who are compliant with statutory regulations pertaining to financial services.

28. Guarantees: The Company does not guarantee that the applicant/client will be granted the loan nor the amount of such loan, as such application is subject to the client’s credit history and qualifying requirements being satisfactory met. . The Company does warrant a committed professional service and that the loan application will be professionally processed within a reasonable period of time on provision that the applicant/client has duly complied with the application requirements. . The service entitles the applicant/client to a professional effective application without personally attending various financial institutions to obtain said finance. . The personal documentation submitted to the Company by the applicant/client is treated with the utmost confidentiality and to be used solely for the purpose of obtaining finance for said applicant/client.

29. Dispute/Complaint Procedure: The Company is committed to prime customer service policy and therefore invites dissatisfied applicants/clients to an open door complaints procedure which will promptly attend to said complaint by emailing: customerservice@compucredit.co.za. As per the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008, should you (the applicant/client) feel the need to lodge a complaint about the service we provide, kindly forward your complaint as we strive to resolve all complaints within 96 hours from date of receipt.

30. Jurisdiction: The applicant/client and consents to the jurisdiction of Durban Magistrates Court should any legal disputes arise which have not been resolved internally. The applicant/client pays a fee of R390.00 once off thereafter R121.00 monthly, for the convenient 4 in 1 service package. These fees are strictly non- refundable upon the agreement to these terms and conditions, except in the circumstances where the applicant/client exercises his/her right to terminate the agreement as per clause 3 hereof.

31. A email copy of the Loan application form constitutes the original. All online applications, through the company website, for our 4 in 1 service package, by ticking the box, before submitting your online application, constitutes a digital signature of the applicant/client for the irrevocable agreement to the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of the company, which confirms the applicant/client has read and understood.